Rocky Mountain School District #6 in Collaboration with the Columbia Valley Food Bank – Implemented in September 2020.
Open Doors Work Experience Program.
This collaborative project aims to get youth involved in the food bank operations, build their community service awareness, skill and experience.
So far, we have had sixteen youth, grades 10-12 participate in the program.
Collectively they have completed 100 volunteer hours for the Food Bank.
Through this program youth gain valuable life experiences that will benefit them as they transition into adulthood.
Youth participating in this program learn how the food bank operates, how to access the food bank if they need to in their future, they build connections with food bank volunteers and community services.
In addition to these benefits and as a motivation to join the program, youth are able to claim their volunteer hours towards their work/volunteer experience hours of which they need 100 to graduate from high school.
On behalf of the CVFB, we thank each and every one of the students for their hard work and dedication to this program.