Relieving Hunger in the Columbia Valley


Since the pandemic, food bank use continues to rise. In the first quarter of 2023, food bank use at our facility has increased by 24% compared to January to April 2022.

The Columbia Valley Food Bank provides needed support for individuals and families whose current needs are not being met by society.

While our ultimate goal is to go out of business because society no longer needs this service and ensure everyone’s right to food is realized. In the interim we will continue to marshal the donations provided to us for distributing healthy food and support in a responsible manner.

News & Thank yous!

Springs Golf Giving

September 11th, 2023|

A gracious thanks is extended to the Springs Senior Men's Golf Club. Your recent donation of $5000 to the CVFB, as a result of your pooled funds from the senior men's golf tournament, will serve our valley considerably. Contribution's such as this truly help the Columbia Valley Food Bank continue to fill hampers for the rising number of people in need of our support.


Continued Protection Measures

We are taking many internal precautions at the CVFB to avoid the spread of communicable diseases, including COVID-19. Those precautions include regular hand washing, frequent cleaning of high-touch areas and common areas, and use of gloves when appropriate.

We want to thank our volunteers and all those we serve, for their continued commitment to keeping each other healthy and safe. We request those visiting our facility adhere to protective measures such as frequent hand washing and mask wearing when deemed appropriate.

Attention Food Bank Donors

The Columbia Valley Food Bank does NOT solicit door to door. If you encounter someone at your door asking for cash or food donations on behalf of the CVFB, please report to your local non-emergency police line.