Hunger is NOT an option for any of our students.
This program is accessible to the entire student body in all 6 of the participating school zones.
What is Food For Learning?
It’s a program designed to feed and fuel any of our students who are looking for a snack or lunch.  Both hot and cold lunches are available. An example of a snack might be granola bars, cheese & crackers, jello, yogurt and fruit.
The hot lunches are provided by the DTSS culinary program and sent out to the participating schools frozen.  The individual schools then prepare and serve on site nice and hot.
How do the students know about this program?
Word of mouth or advertising at the schools.
40-100 kids within the zones utilize this program per week.
Which schools are participating in the program?
  • Edgewater Elementary School
  • Eileen Madson Primary School
  • J.A. Laird Elementary School
  • David Thompson Secondary School
  • Windermere Elementary School
  • Martin Morigeau Elementary School
  • Open Doors Alternate Education

Who pays for this program?

This program is a collaborative effort between the schools and the Columbia Valley Food Bank.