The Columbia Valley Food Bank is advocating on behalf of our clients and beyond for change in the housing situation in the Columbia Valley.

In a letter written below by our Chair, Nesta Becker, she has expressed her concern about the impact of housing insecurity on people in the Columbia Valley.

Now we are putting out a “call to action” to the members of our community.

The Regional District of East Kootenay has put out a survey    Although this survey is now closed, you can still participate with your input by writing a letter as we did.

We invite you to reach out to Alexa McPhee with your concerns, ideas and issues as they are still compiling data for this ongoing crisis in our area.

This is our opportunity to have our voices heard.  Please get involved and SHARE this post.

Please consider joining us in adding your input, as we think we have only part of the picture.  For example, we understand there is a current shortage of workers in the valley due to the shortage of affordable housing which has a negative impact on the businesses and community as a whole. Long term rental accommodation is extremely limited affecting many individuals and families in our community.

Time is running out!

Hello Sandy,

I am the Chairperson of the Columbia Valley Food Bank and on behalf of our board members and volunteers wish to express interest in the survey being done regarding the Housing Needs in our area. Our organization is pleased and relieved that steps are being taken to address this critically important and long standing issue.

We would like to be involved in providing feedback from the perspective of serving the needs of our clients. The food insecurity needs that we see are in direct correlation to the severe lack of affordable housing for individuals and families. It causes us great concern when we see people having to access Food Bank resources because such a significant percentage of their income must be designated to housing costs. In addition, young people are no longer able to afford to live within our communities; a long term loss for the viability of the community.

I have reached out to you, as the survey is not designed to reflect the responses/input that we can provide.

As you collate results, please keep us in mind should you be interested in observations and experiences from our viewpoint.


Nesta Becker
Chair, Columbia Valley Food Bank